Conception design, economic finalizing of the objects’ fabrication chain, realization follow-up.

In order to partake in the new dynamic of the fight against AIDS, the CRIPS (Centre régional de prévention et d’information Sida) asked us to rethink its pedagogical tools, particularly those that help experiment how to fit a male or female condom (event if one can’t see his/her hands).

These objects are meant to make teenagers aware of preventive actions, clearly and without taboos.

We first worked on codes and signs which made us avoid any reference to pornography or to any crude anatomic vision, and led us to a more playful and jovial vocabulary. In a second phase of work, we optimized the fabrication process and made the production cheaper, for these objects meant to be distributed throughout the world to associations with little money.



  • Client : Le CRIPS Ile-de-France
  • Design : Johan Brunel, Samuel Misslen et Morgan Segui
  • Delivery : Conception design, mise au point économique de la chaîne de fabrication des objets, suivi de réalisation.