Technical conception and fabrication in our studio

‘Drogland’ is an exhibition fitted into four transformed shipping containers. It toured throughout France and was displayed in city squares. These “objects to visit” recreate both an industrial and snug atmosphere. A long luminous table confronts the visitors with images of addictive products and their effects and within intriguing, opaque bell-shaped booths, visitors can listen to recorded testimonials. A multi-media information facility and an open-air cinema are also open to the cities visited.

We re-planned the space in order to meet a halved budget, we organised the logistics and took charge of the production of the exhibition in our own studio



  • City : Narbonne / Paris / La Rochelle / …
  • Client : La MILDT (Mission interministérielle de lutte contre les drogues et la toxicomanie), Le CIDEM (Civisme et démocratie)
  • Area : 500 m²
  • Budget : 120 000 €
  • Team : Design : Vincent Perrottet / Jean-Marc Ballée / Normal Studio // Equipe réalisation : Johan Brunel / Samuel Misslen / Morgan Segui / Jean-Christophe Dumont / Nicolas Omet
  • Delivery : Conception technique et fabrication de l’exposition à l’atelier[jes].