This collection is a reverence to the brotherhood between Finnish and Japanese bathing buckets. In Finland, the sauna always goes with a “kiulu”containing the water to be thrown onto the hot stones of the stove, as in Japan, the “ki-oke” serves to pour and splash water on the body sitting in the shower before entering the bath. 

This onsen set is composed by five essential bathing-time accessories : a shower-time stool, a wall mirror, a soap and towel basket, an onsen bucket, and a sauna bucket with a curved handle that allows to carry water or the two other stacked buckets in a perfect balance. Buckets and stool are raised over wet floors by wooden “getta” soles, to make the drying and handling easy.

The first artist edition prototypes are hand made at Nakagawa Mokkougei in Japanese umbrella pine (“koyamaki“), which is part of the whitest wood essences. It is also one of the best water-resistant and mold-resistant japanese woods.