Accelerator of social innovation, coworking, “code academy”, resource center, place of sharing and meeting, “21” intends to offer a new experience to French Red Cross collaborators, both internal than external.

Located in a building freshly delivered but lacking singularly of human soul, we wanted to breathe in this place of 1000 m2 a generous universe, by an original space creation and specially designed furniture, and more broadly trying to bring together the best conditions for users to want to come back and develop projects.

We thus sought to design a space above all dedicated to the pleasure of collaboration. A place of sharing, exchange and openness, in which we could feel good individually and collectively.

The atmosphere of this place had to break with the rather cold codes of the tertiary world, and bring human warmth through devices, shapes and materials. We have thus summoned a lot of natural wood and have created furniture and facilities that offer forms of non-hierarchical gathering, among other things.

We imagined this space as a multitude of materialized expressions of collaboration, a place expressing the union of forces.

The very short time in which the project was conceived and realized (5 months), did not prevent the perfect mastery of the initial budget (640 k €), and in particular the reuse of materials: modules of glass partitions sourced in the demolition site of the French General Armies Ministry located nearby.


  • Ville : Montrouge
  • Client : Pôle Innovation et Stratégie de la Croix-Rouge Française
  • Prestation : Design lieu collaboratif 2.0
  • Equipe : Loma Paris : Johan Brunel & Nicolas Omet