Conception and production of small series of self-produced wall shelves

Considering that the final form of an industrial object can be fully generated through its fabrication process, we reduced the wall shelf to its most basic shape: a laser-cut steel sheet, folded and then thermo-lacquered with epoxy paint.

While designing Bradfer, our goal was to make sure that the fabrication would produce absolutely no off-cuts. In this way, all the material used for the production goes to its user!

The cost of fabrication being kept quite low, we managed to produce this object entirely on our own and made small series, in quantities of 100.

Distributed from 2002 to 2005 by FR 66, rue du Renard, Paris. For orders, please contact us.



  • Budget : Unit price : 28 €
  • Design : Johan Brunel / Jérome Aich / Sébastien Dauchez
  • Prestation : Conception d’étagères autoproduites en petites séries.