For the D’Days Paris design festival #2017, Johan Brunel has carte blanche to realize a great sign installation in the museum of Arts deco in Paris around the theme : Let’s play ! He invited Benoit Bonnemaison-Fitte (Bonnefrite) and Nicolas Omet to come and play with him under the name GORKI! They design together a large homemade construction game, inspired by golf and fishing. They make a series of colored concrete bases to stack in infinite configurations, in which they erect green bamboos gathered in the south-west of France, whose nodes are painted alternately in white. The whole is capped by ultra-communicating flags hand-painted by Bonnefrite, which finish creating a great mix of playful expressionism and assumed low-tech.



  • City : Paris
  • Client : D'Days
  • Area : 1500 m2
  • Team : Johan Brunel, Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte, Nicolas Omet
  • Delivery : Scenography