How to transform by design the MC93 of Bobigny, an historical site of theater and dance, into an innovative place of life? Beside of shows, one could now come inside to lunch, work, stroll, organize collective events and other forms of expressions and free creations…

The furniture’s modularity expresses infinite movements and possibilities. Restaurant tables agglomerate more or less informally, in convivial or intimate configurations, suitable for large meetings or informal co-workings. Equipped with a single wheel – in a wheelbarrow way – they allow an easy and playful handling by one single person.

The project seeks to put the public in good condition: it allows to lie down on a catamaran net, for a rest welcomed before any performance. The sofas and pouffes, which can generate small spontaneous audiences, were made thanks to the Hermès Foundation, which donated leathers from the Hermès collections, and the upholstery was made by student artisans of Les Companions du Devoir, at their training pole in Pantin.

The design brings together different cultures, both in the variety of postures offered and in the props, from Persian carpets to African fabrics, which patterns could also be Portuguese, Japanese or Oriental, deliberately blurring the identity trails and expressing the great cultural mix of this Place, dedicated to the hospitality, in the universal sense of term.



  • City : Bobigny
  • Client : MC93
  • Area : 700 m2
  • Team : Johan Brunel, Joe Kendall, les Compagnons du Devoir, la Fondation Hermès
  • Delivery : Aménagement