Conception and fabrication of a spiral staircase, lights, racks and trestles.

« Segment et coquillettes » is a constructing principle using straight and curved heating pipes.

Exploiting differently standard parts helped us create and fabricate a series of simple and low-cost objects, such as furniture for the stylist Homecore’s showroom in Paris.

Thanks to the simplicity of the process, we built it on site with few tools: a saw and a spot welder.

This project is a good example of our approach as designers regarding the economic aspect. Our knowledge of fabrication processes and our experience with semi-products allows us to integrate the economic concerns as early as the first sketching in the creation stage.



  • City : Paris
  • Client : Homecore, maison de stylisme à Paris.
  • Design & fabrication : Johan Brunel / Samuel Misslen
  • Delivery : Conception et fabrication d’un escalier en colimaçon, de luminaires, de portants et de tréteaux.