Proposal for a new monument/facility for the Olympic village

How does one imagine being in the heart of the Olympic Games when the site for the proposed Batignolles Olympic village is still a derelict area of disused railways?

Our project is a support for a huge slide: a red carpet rolled out in between two levels, a pier overlooking the whole site and, at ground level, an open exhibition area.  This landmark slide would offer an exciting and playful experience, matching the high spirits aroused by this great sporting event in the host cities.

A starting device would regulate the frequency of the slides in which ten participants can start at the same time and race down to the finish line. So anyone can physically and dynamically take part in the Games.

Project exhibited at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in 2004.



  • City : Paris
  • Client : Ville de Paris et Pavillon de l’Arsenal.
  • Budget : Coût de l’installation : 900 000 €
  • Team : Design : Johan Brunel / Samuel Misslen / Julien Choppin / Nicola Delon
  • Delivery : Proposition d’un monument / équipement pour le site du futur village olympique.