Conception of floating modules and prototypes in our studio.

Imagined as an encounter between a stage practicable and a floating pier, Mobilo is before all a support for artistic events on water while also proposing a reversible use.

Considering it will be used only punctually as a floating stage, the interest of Mobilo resides in its use when no event is programmed: now a public furniture, it contributes to the layout of the banks while resolving the problem of storage. This form is conceived as a light monolith (rotomoulded) meant to be duplicated and become a recurrent urban signal by the canal. Users can adapt it as they wish: they can sit or paint on it, turn it over, lie down…



  • City : Paris
  • Client : Le Point Ephémère, lieu de dynamiques artistiques.
  • Area : 60 m²
  • Budget - First 30 modules : 100 000 €
  • Design : Johan Brunel / Samuel Misslen / Julien Choppin / Nicola Delon / avec la participation de Philippe Rizzotti.
  • Delivery : Conception de modules flottants et prototypage à l’atelier [jes].