Design and construction of a folded steel sheet and solid oak staircase.

Our client gave us a carte blanche for the design and construction of an original staircase for her Island residence.

To keep it simple and light, both physically and visually, we designed the staircase like origami.

The result comes from a mixture of folded 6 millimetre-thick steel sheet and solid oak. Each material provides its own structural qualities, which complement the other’s. The steps brace the load-bearing structure and the central carriage can be kept slim and pared down, free from the usual straightening elements.

Two firms contributed to this project: a laser-cutting factory and a cabinet making workshop from Montreuil. We put the parts together at the studio [jes] and took to the sea to set up the staircase in its new home.



  • Ville : Le Palais
  • Design et fabrication : Johan Brunel et Samuel Misslen
  • Avec l'aide de : Philippe Portheault